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2018-08-31 20:00

Mohamed Abdo - Test Event  |  

31-08-2018 08:00pm

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Our headline event at The Grand Ball Room in Hilton’s 5 star hotel includes the unmissable performance from the Arabian music legend that is Mohamed Abdo. Book now to avoid any disappointment and be part of our remarkable grand festival. The atmosphere, the music, the memories.... our events are simply unbeatable. Consider booking the VIP and VVIP table dining allocation to experience a night of glamour with your family, friends or guest’s.


Mohamed Abdo's music was based on the older generation's ageless talents and songs of maybe a thousand years of heritage, but nevertheless, he was credited to at least preserving these songs called mawrouth (the inherited songs) without much change in their buildup or musical arrangements. His Chaabyat albums that he released through his label Voice of Al-Jazeerah in the 1990s were his attempt at documenting that old tradition. These jalsat (sittings) where were his talent has got best crystallized: his oud was this instrument for which he talked to almost spiritually, in a manner never seen elsewhere in any Arab singer other than Farid al-Atrash and Baligh Hamdi and Talal Maddah. In admiration, Abdou sang one of Baligh's compositions 'Sert Al-Houb' (Love Story) for Umm Kulthum on her 69th birthday. His earliest songs that he used to sing were religious chants and a nasheed (Islamic songs that are okay to sing), and reciting the Quran after prayer time, or in his school's celebrations.

31-08-2018 08:00pm

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