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Global Gala has developed certain controls in the way and booking instructions and conditions to ensure a better view of services provided to the presence of customers, where the company is characterized by keen to make reservations as part of its services and not vice versa. Where we are in the company keen to choose our customers according to our standards in order to allocate special service them Astnthai and continuously.
First of all it must be noted that these general conditions is controlled exclusively in the sale of tickets to concerts across the site www.globalgala.co.uk
- The tickets are sold through the site www.globalgala.co.uk intended for individuals who mention their names on the cards only.
- Is selected Othmna the offers tickets (face value) in pounds sterling, and include all taxes. And can not be Ngairalthmn performed by a spectator only by an agreement with the concert organizer. And should not exceed the number of reserved seats by one person and the number of seats assigned by the organizer, and this applies to seats in first and second degree. Nor can one person may make multiple requests for reservations, spaced in time, for violating this law.
- Differ Othmna the entry shown to you by the quality of the concert, seminar or place.
- All applications whatever their origin performed in pounds sterling.
- Six Stars Events reserves for itself the right to change prices can at any time. However will be Tsairaerod as prices can force hours of recording applications.
- Presentations tickets remain in the ownership of the concert organizer until the full price is received and permanently by the company Global Gala.
- Offers tickets are booked at a specific time, and we will inform you of the party responsible for the readiness ticket request arrival time.
- Performance of bank card allows you to book your tickets through the website immediately and how the final.
- In order to ensure security and organization of the ceremony best:
Please come to places of musical performances before closing the doors half an hour, or in the ceiling before the start of the concert (doors open two hours before the start of the concert).
Please sit in the seats corresponding to the degree specified in Tzkrtkm.
Non-smoking inside the concert venue.
- Not right for ticket buyers in retreat.
- May not compensate for a concert ticket, even in case of loss or theft, and recovered or replaced with other.

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